Research on Negotiation 1

As a trainer in Eloquence Academy, we work out courses which will be true to participants’ needs and applicable to a real world situation.

Hence whilst researching on the module in our COOL Communicator Course, I put myself into the shoes of the participant and saw from their point of view the understanding of ” Negotiation Skills”. I have myself been familiarised with the term “WIN-WIN Situation For Negotiation” in my own life experience.

The ability to Negotiate with other parties to come to an agreement where it satisfies every party is a great and advantageous skill..

The aim of a win-win negotiation is to find a solution that is acceptable to both parties, and leaves both parties feeling that they’ve won, in some way, after the event. Despite this, emotion can be an important subject of discussion because people’s emotional needs must fairly be met. If emotion is not discussed where it needs to be, then the agreement reached can be unsatisfactory and temporary.
With this in mind, I had an actual scenario where one friend of mine felt she had a win-win situation in closing a big deal. However, after having met the other party involved, it seemed that though both did get a plus from the deal, the emotions of one were not equally satisfied.

So in any Negotiation, the exchange of any benefits can be deemed by an individual as highly satisfactory (being able to get the desired outcome for self) where it is more advantageous to one party (ie a WIN-LOSE Negotiation). Or like the above scenario, there is an assumed mutual satisfaction for a WIN-WIN Negotiation (as one party is not totally satisfied with the compromise for that deal.) making it a False Win-Win situation.

To get to real satisfaction of both parties, both must have started with a complete desire to ensure equal advantage to each other no matter how one has to compromise. Both parties must be transparent and truthful in their dealings. (This hence is a most desired outcome in any negotiation ie WIN-WIN negotiation).

We at Eloquence Academy will have this Negotiation Skill taught in the course and help participants get to a WIN-WIN situation at best. It shall also be made clear that at times the greater self advantage in a negotiation may be an OK option.

More Research Being Done~…