Theory Analysis for Speech & Communication Skills Course 1

Cool Communicator is the new course that we are launching after Fear Fighter. Fear fighter was based on a premise of teaching the basics required to conquer stage fright and Cool Communicator started out as the ‘level 2’ version of Fear Fighter, but has since evolved into a very different subject from its initial form.

I will attempt to put down some of the defining elements that will need to be included into the lessons. I am especially interested in what needs can be met for the target audience.

COOL Communicator was used as an Acronym in the following order:

  • Communication is a 2 way street,
  • Observation lets you in,
  • Outstanding with an edge,
  • Looks Count.

As you can guess, the course content ended up being generic and unable to properly address a communication challenge that occurs with our target market which are young adults and those in the work force.

So I figured Cool Communicator should be addressing the needs of career-minded individuals that are working or applying for jobs. It should cover topics such as:

  • Personality & Character Analysis – are you the Hero, the Villain or the Victim?
  • How to Sell Yourself – don’t be a bore but don’t act like a whore.
  • Look Like A Leader – dress to kill…the lcompetition.
  • Networking Tips & Tricks – it’s Popularity 101
  • The Skills of Negotiation – the good, the bad and the ugly truth.
  • The Art of Persuasion – It’s like mind control without needing superpowers.
  • The Language of Diplomacy – because sucking up is better than just sucking.

More to Come~~~

Now that the year 2012 did not bring us to the End Of The World n i have the end of the year to pen in , i will add the More to Come here:-

As we enter into a Brand New Year of 2013, i will re-organise the Empowered Eloquence Course. As more future participants finished the “COOL Communicator ” Course (which addresses Communication Skills w Building Rapport, Networking n Negotiation Skills) and the “FEAR Fighter” Course, it has been unlikely many wants to go further to achieve a level to be an Emcee.

Hence the New follow up course will be tailor cut for our 2013 participants. The participant will be able
to choose the type of skill/s they prefer to enhance n move forward in their life success.

Eloquence Academy will help the Corporate or individual to ascertain their training needs with a TNA ie The Training Needs Analysis.

With this approach for year 2013, Eloquence Academy can help more participants to empower themselves with the needed type of training. As from statistics, 85% success in life is when one has Communication Skills! So lets move forward with an aim to improve on the Communication Skills.

Do click in to for course details or write to for our individual assessment for your enhancement needs.