Toastmasters 1st Speech Ever

This is Royce here and I would like to announce that I have finally joined Toastmasters to go straight for the Gold title. I have been moving back and forth between Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur that I have not had the chance to commit myself to consistent club meetings and earn my title.

The time has now come to do so and I am very excited to prove myself.

The club that I have chosen is the TTDI Toastmasters which I have included the link to in the links section.

So the first speech that I will have to do ever, is known as the Icebreaker speech. It is interesting because technically any speech you do with a new crowd is an icebreaker speech. The hope here is that the audience immediately breaks their frosty attitudes towards you. I have yet to write up my actual speech and I will have to deliver it on the 4th of July.

This is the Manual of what I will need to do. =