Breaking the Peek-A-Boo Cycle

Breaking the Peek-A-Boo Cycle.

This article talks about mistakenly using your own fears as a leadership tactic. I have to say for me, it is more of an issue of pride. It is always easier to sit in your ivory tower, safe from the efforts of being exposed and possibly rejected by your peers or followers. Sometimes I feel like I want to keep the good impressions I’ve garnered pegged at a certaine point as I don’t feel at my best that day. As if every single thing I do will shift people’s opinion of me and what I stand for.

This is a great reminder that sharing and getting personal with your audience is always great for building rapport. It also reminds us to use inclusive language so as not to discriminate, belittle or single out others.


It is time to end my peek-a-boo habit and just come out of the proverbial leadership closet.