The Top Comedians & YouTube Personality Channels

Today let’s take a look at some online personalities that you could possibly model yourself after…or maybe just to stare at blankly and get confused.

The point of this exercise is to encourage whichever style of humor you possess to blossom into a laughing gas releasing flower.

I know there are probably a thousand and one multiplied by a million comedians out there, but let’s start with the kings and queens of giggles on YouTube.

After a long and arduous research of 5 minutes, I have come up with the following list:

Michael Buckley

Comedic Style: Ultra Gay, ultra quick and super commercial

George Carlin

Comedic Style: No nonsense, I’ve-lived-longer-than-you-so-I’m-right, Controversial

Lewis Black

Comedic Style: Controversial, Lecturer, Sarcastic, Angry fits, Logical.

Kevin Wu/ Kev Jumba

Comedic Style: Teen humour, guy interests, Asian

Natalie Tran

Community Channel / Natalie Tran

Comedic Style: Young adult humour, Female interests, Australian-Chinese.

Wanda Sykes

Comedic Style: African- American, Adult humor, Sarcastic Tone, Funny voice.

Russell Peters

Comedic Style: Racial comparison, Funny expressions, build up, american born indian, impressions.

There are obviously much much more. Feel free to suggest your favorites. I’ve got plenty more comedians that I am a fan of these are just those that I’ve had the time to put together in five minutes (I have a life you know).

Most importantly do enjoy them as laughter is medicine and a great fat burner too 😉