The Face & The Eyes : Where to Look?

Good Morning Malaysia,

It is Eloquence Academy Body Language Awareness Week and today we will be looking at your eyes and face.

Does maintaining eye contact make you feel uncomfortable ?
Image via Gravity Falls

Eye contact says a lot to both the speaker and the listener.
It shows respect, sincerity, interest , understanding and engaged communication

I found that looking into a person’s face can already feel invasive to some, so direct eye contact can feel much too close and intimate, if you are afraid of what the other might see in you. The fear of rejection and criticism causes us to divert and hide our gaze.

Remember to avoid looking aloof by tilting your chin too high up. Maintain level eye contact and a straight neck. Palms calmly folded in the front and a relaxed focus on the topic, with periodic acknowledgement of the listener.
A great trick to maintain consistent and comfortable eye contact is by looking at the bridge of the other person’s nose. Try it with a friend and ask if they can tell that you are not looking at their eyes.

Here are more tips on the types of eye contact direction, to establish your opinion of your listener.

These are invaluable techniques to get your first impression and starting conversation right. If done right, this allows you to earn trust within a matter of 7 seconds.