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Laychi Low

Headmistress & Lead Training Coach 

Laychi is a charismatic character who founded Eloquence Academy in 2010.
She is a UK (BSc) Honours graduate and a Diploma holder in Speech & Drama from Trinity College of London, UK.  She has been a freelance trainer since 2001, starting her career writing Practical Sales & Marketing (PSM) course modules for UMCCed (The University of Malaya Centre For Continuing Education) for adult students. She then became a regular coach for Crystal Toastmaster’s Youth Leadership Program and focused her talents on developing communication skills and confidence in Eloquence Academy students.

Her forte is to motivate and encourage individuals to arrive at a greater level of self-confidence. She aims to help students respond confidently to life challenges in both their professional and personal lives.


Royce Tan

Senior Training Coach

Royce is the co-founder of The Eloquence Academy.

He is an AUS (B.Comms) Honours graduate and Diploma holder in Communication Design. He has hands-on experience as the Student Counselor Officer and Orientations Master with RMIT University Australia. Subsequently, he worked as an Education Journalist, quickly expanding his exposure to the field, learning from industrial leaders and tested institutional frameworks. He is most capable of helping young students navigate their insecurities, doubts and growing pains. He is also an experienced presenter for corporate events and a trilingual translator for a top-ten property development company.

Using his own experience of transitioning from a shy introvert child to skilled confident speaker, he is especially adept at helping young ones to leave their comfort zones and find true motivation to transform into brave, self-assured champions of life’s stage.

Rose Sharon

Course Designer & Youth Advisor

Rose is our course designer for Eloquence Academy’s youth programmes and web portals.

She is a UK (M.Comms) Honours Graduate in Culture and Innovation and a GENOVASI Design Thinking Ambassador. She is the architect of our activities for young adults based on her years of experience in performance arts, creative writing, entrepreneurship and speech contests. As a young adult herself, she connects well with those from Gen Y and younger, seeking to offer them the professional guidance she has gained from industrial experience.

Rose is currently invests her time researching the digital tools to disseminate self-help and mental-wellbeing education for young people in the UK.

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